Foods Pregnant Women Should Avoid

When you are pregnant, you have to stay healthy in every way possible. You should break the habits you once had before becoming a mom. Breaking your habit may be tedious especially when it comes to your diet. Making sure your food is healthy for you and the baby is not always easy. To stay in proper nourishment, you have to avoid the food that may risk the life of your child. Here are some of the food you should not eat as an expectant.Eating Healthy on Pregnancy


Avoid Undercooked Eggs

Eggs are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and protein. They offer a lot of silver linings for pregnant women only if they are cooked thoroughly. Under-cooked eggs like sunny-side-ups and other food groups with raw eggs like mayonnaise, Caesar’s dressing, and eggnogs are hazardous as they contain salmonella bacteria that harm the health of the bun in the oven.



Pregnant women need vitamin A. It is vital for the early growth, and it helps repair tissues after labor. Vitamin A can be found in veggies, fruits, meat, and dairy products. However, too much Vitamin A can cause congenital disabilities on the baby. Beef liver provides Vitamin A that is more than enough; hence, avoiding it while in pregnancy is a wise decision.


Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages are said to harm the baby while on pregnancy, but supporting evidence were not yet presented. However, there is also no proven facts that it won’t hurt the baby. In a nutshell, avoiding alcoholic beverages is an intelligent act of prevention from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.Pregnant Should Say No to Alcohol



The intake of coffee while in pregnancy has been a serious topic in the health industry. Coffee, as an indulging beverage, is said to cause danger to the baby because of the caffeine. Don’t worry; you do not have to sober about it. Experts still approve drinking of one to two cups of coffee each day. Drinking too much coffee can lead to miscarriage. Tea with caffeine must also be drunk with limitations.


While on pregnancy, you have to keep in mind that you are eating for two. Healthy nourishment on your trimesters can result in a healthy baby. Have a regular consultation with your physician and discuss the diet that concerns you.