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cord bloodHas anyone asking if you are banking your cord blood? Did you come away thinking that you needed more information about what cord blood banking is about?

Cord blood banking has become an increasingly popular health option for new parents in both Canada and the U.S.. Parents see it as an option toward insuring that their child will have a better chance of beating any possible future serious illness through the use of the stem cells present in the cord blood.

In an explanation provided by the Cord Blood Association of Canada, “Although the number of parents choosing to bank their newborn’s cord blood has doubled in the past five years as more families are becoming aware of this technology, over 98% of expectant parents become aware of cord blood banking only after child-birth, when their newborn’s cord blood has been discarded and no longer recoverable. As a new and promising medical option, there is important information about cord blood banking that every expectant parent should be informed before making decision on whether to bank their newborn’s cord blood.

cord bloodBy storing your child’s cord blood, you are storing stem cells with regenerative capabilities. Currently, over 50 of diseases can be treated with cord blood, but scientists predict that stem cell treatment will become increasingly frequent as cord blood stem cells research is performed, with some experts suggesting that stem cell treatment may be commonly used for many major diseases within a decade.”

If you are considering or have any questions about Cord Blood storage we have tried to put as many sources below as possible, to start you on your journey. Good luck!

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