Six Signs That You Are Pregnant [Infographic]


If you have already kids, you might be somewhat familiar with the symptoms or signs of being pregnant. Some women, though, do not know the symptoms are getting some of them surprised with the expectancy. Here is an infographic that shows the symptoms when expecting.


  1. Swollen and Tender Breasts

Don’t fret if your bra doesn’t seem to fit your chest or if you noticed you became busty. And sometimes that is not a sign of puberty but, rather, to a greater extent – pregnancy. Better change your tight clothing to loose ones. And also, be more careful not to bump your “enlarged” breasts.Swollen and Tender Breasts

  1. Morning Sickness

When pregnant, women experience nausea – something that triggers vomiting or having a feeling of the unsettled stomach. It’s called morning sickness because it actually occurs in the morning, but of course, nausea can ruin an entire day of a woman’s life.Morning Sickness


  1. Mood Swings

In the early stage of pregnancy (usually the first trimester), an expectant woman can have major mood swings. Laughing now, then later they cry. Yes, it’s weird. It is because of the tragic increase of the progesterone – a hormone that prepares the body for pregnancy.Mood Swings


  1. Insomnia

Pregnant women will have trouble sleeping or resting. It is because the body is always working to prepare the body for the upcoming baby. So, even if a pregnant woman sits all day or just watching Netflix, they feel they have had a 40-km triathlon. That’s exasperating!Insomnia


  1. Cravings

Pregnant women crave for food (and sometimes, weird food). Well, they might be relatively hungry, but most probably, it’s the hormones asking for weird food. A pregnant woman may also instantly hate a food or beverage she used to LOVE before.Cravings


  1. Bathroom Visit

The growing uterus just keeps on telling your bladder to visit the bathroom. So, don’t be puzzled about your body always wanting to go to the comfort room. Deal with it, you’re pregnant! So, always keep your body hydrated by drinking lots of fluids.Bathroom Visit


Those are the symptoms when you are pregnant. Quite not sure about your body? You can use Pregnancy Test Kits to ensure expectancy. It may also best to visit an OB-Gyne Clinic. You know your body much then your spouse. So, it is always you who can tell if there is strange happening in your body. You might want to check for baby cribs as preparation. Read our next post.

Visit the full infographic at this link.