Pregnancy can go without troubling morning sickness

Pregnancy is a blissful condition, and motherhood is one of the most beautiful experiences in every woman’s life, but the fact is that it goes together with some not so pleasant aspect. Morning sickness is one of them.

Too many pregnant women start every new day feeling dizzy and walking straight to bathroom from their bed. It may last for few minutes or hours, sometimes ending with puking, sometimes just bothering the whole body as a rather unpleasant feeling.

There is no guaranteed way to deal with morning sickness during pregnancy. Every woman had her methods applicable to her body, but some general tips and advice tend to help most of the future mothers.

Pregnant-woman-morning-sicknessNeutral approach right after you get up from the bed is the formula: glass of water and fresh air. Keep your body hydrated enough, but stick to the water, because all the other drink might promote sickness. Also, lemonade could be a good replacement, if you need a flavor and want to get the whole body refreshed. Many women report that even a smell of citrus can make them feel better.

Keep your bedroom winded always, but the best help is to spend some time on your balcony, simply breathing slowly and deeply.

Siasati Mual dan Muntah Saat Hamil dengan Cara IniThinking of breakfast, even if you are hungry, can come as disgusting when waking up dizzy, but you should avoid an empty stomach. Stomach acid can make morning sickness worse, so try to eat a small amount, but often. You might want to avoid groceries, especially going on your own to buy them, because the smell of groceries tends to make many women feel worse. Stick to the protein rich meals, but avoid fatty and spicy food. If you want just to have a bite and wait until the sickness goes away, try eating nuts or some neutral salads. Also, it seems that cold meals are easier to cope with than hot ones when feeling sick.

In addition to that, get your partner to bring you breakfast into the bed and eat it slowly before getting up.

Pregnancy is not an illness, and you should be perfectly capable of functioning normally most of the time, but nevertheless, don’t push it. Stress and fatigue make your morning sickness worse, so make sure you get plenty of rest and sleep.

lemon-balm-herbal-teaHerbal teas can be quite helpful, and most of the women say that ginger tea can be an easy and quick relief to morning nausea. You can easily prepare it at home or buy it in the form of syrup or tablets. Also, add multivitamins to your every day’s diet. Vitamin B complex or just vitamin B6 are particularly handy when fighting morning sickness and vomiting.

The trick is that every woman reacts in an individual way, and you have to listen to your body’s signals carefully. Frequently being repelled by specific food or drinks or smells is a common thing, so if any of these instructions doesn’t work for you, feel free to adjust the approach to your personal needs.