Getting Pregnant with a Tipped Uterus

What is a Tipped Uterus?

PregnancyA tipped uterus is can be a uterus of many names. Your doctor might refer to it as retro-flexed, tilted, backward, retroverted or tilted. There are also beautiful medical terms like: uterine retro-versionn, uterine retroflexion,retro-versionn of the uterus, symptomatic uterineretro-versionn, sympromatic uterine reflexion, uterine retrodisplacement, reflexion of the uterus. But how does the uterus normally sit, and how is a tipped uterus sitting?
The uterus is normally suspended in a straight up and down position or slightly forward toward the belly in your body. A tipped uterus is the term used to describe a uterus that is tilted backwards or forwards away from the belly.

What Causes a Tipped Uterus?

About 20% of women have a tipped uterus. This can be something that they are born, it can be caused by labour while giving birth, or can be caused by some diseases. A tipped uterus does not discriminate based on marital status, age, race or childbearing history.
The condition tends to be more problematic for women in their childbearing years as women tend to be more sexually active during this time period. Some of the documented causes of a tipped uterus include the following:
The uterus fails to move to the forward position as a woman matures.
Childbirth can tip the uterus forward or backward.
A disease such as a fibroid tumor, endometriosis, and pelvic adhesions from pelvic infection or from a prior surgical procedure can cause displacement of the uterus.

How Do I Know if My Uterus is Tipped?

Healthy PregnancyThere are not many specific symptoms of a tipped uterus because it is more of a situation than a disease. A lot of women do not find out that they have a tipped uterus unless it is mentioned by their doctor or an ultrasound technician. Most women do not experience any difficulties or problems as a result of a tipped uterus.

Here are some possible symptoms of a tipped uterus:
1. Pain during sexual intercourse. This happens when the penis hits the cervix or uterus during sex. This condition is known as collision dyspareunia.
2. Women may also suffer pelvic pain during menstruation or ovulation because of a tipped uterus.
3. Back pain during menstruation and at other times during their cycle.
4. Minor incontinence.
5. Urinary tract infections.
6. Problems when trying to conceive.
7. Difficulty using tampons.

How Do I Find Out if I Have a Tipped Uterus?

Your doctor can perform a simple physical exam to find out whether your uterus is indeed tipped. This can be done during a routine pelvic exam. It is not necessary to have any treatment for this condition if it does not trouble you.

Can I Still Have A Baby with a Tipped Uterus?

A tipped uterus does not effect your fertility nor does it impact your chances of having a baby. If you are unable to get pregnant and have exhausted all other possibilities, your tipped uterus might be considered the culprit, but that is very rare. There is a medical procedure, called a uterine suspension, that may be considered but these are rarely suggested.
The only reason that a tipped uterus could lead to difficulty in getting pregnant is because sexual intercourse can be painful. If the penis is directly hitting your uterus or cervix it may be too painful to have sex. Be sure to change positions and talk to your partner about your situation. Most of the time couples can find ways to maintain their sexual relationship even though the uterus is tilted. It is possible to temporarily tip your uterus into its proper position with some leg exercises if a doctor determines that it is causing a problem for you when trying to conceive and they can help you with those exercises. Straightening out the uterus can often enable a woman to become pregnant, if that was the reason for the failure to conceive.  Definitely worth checking out!